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As the world keeps getting more and more crazy, it becomes increasingly important to become skilled in sustainable living. Most people have no clue how to do simple tasks that were once common knowledge. Join us for this one day class, that will start to prepare the audience for how to survive in difficulty times. Not just living but thriving.


Included Topics:

Creating Fire, sleeping system, shelters, water systems, finding water, tool selection, backpacks and how to set them up in mission oriented ways, hunting, trapping, wood stoves, tents for different seasons, stealth and perimeters, communications, hygiene in the bush, and an overall discussion on becoming comfortable in uncomfortable situations.



Tim Carroll been a sustainable living instructor for decades. Living in the wilderness for weeks on end with his students. He lived out of tents while running logging camps. He taught sustainable living practices, such as canning and preserving food.


$100 / Adult

$50 / Child

Date of class to attend

05/27/2023, 07/16/2023, 09/17/2023


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