This is three classes in one!

Day one starts with the fundamentals class.  This class is designed to build correct handgun fundamentals in new shooters, and fix bad habits in seasoned shooters. The goal is for each student to be comfortable and confident while shooting, while at the same time shooting nice small groups.

Next we get into Defensive Handgun part one. This class delivers skills that are extremely important for anyone who carries a handgun. We cover: Different stances, rapid fire, quick sight acquisition techniques, drawing from the holster, point shooting, and multiple targets. The goal of this class is to be able to access your handgun from concealment and not miss.

Day two starts out with Defensive handgun part two. In this class we focus on advanced skills such as: Reloading, malfunction clearing, one handed shooting, shooting and moving, positions and barriers. By the end of this class, students will be able to move and shoot with a high level of confidence.

The second day wraps up with some extremely fun shooting drills that drive home the lessons from the two days.

Requirements for the class are 200 rounds of ammo per day (400 total), hearing and eye protection, a strong side holster, a good belt, and an open mind. There will be a $25 cash only range fee the day of class. There will be ammo available for purchase, however due to the current climate, it will be limited.


Boones in Isle MN, Farmington / Randolph MN


April 7th 2024 – 1 day class, June 22-23 2024 2 day class