When you pull the trigger are you skilled enough to put every shot through the same hole?


This class is designed to help everyone improve their shooting skills by applying simple steps in a logical order. People that are new to shooting or have never even shot before will learn proper safe gun handling, build comfort and confidence, while having fun as they learn. Experienced shooters will learn to fix bad habits, strengthen good habits, and become much more successful.

Topics include:

-The safety rules of gun handling

-How to tell if a gun properly fits your hand

-Proper, safe gun handling

-The fundamentals of successful shooting and their application.

-How to achieve extreme accuracy

There will be a $10 range fee the day of class. There will be ammo available for purchase.


Boones in Isle, Farmington


03-03-2024 10am, 03-16-2024 2pm, 06-03-2024 10am, 09-08-2024 10am, 12-08-2024 10am