Do you know the difference between self defense and self protection? Self defense means someone is attacking you and you need to defend yourself. Self protection is everything that comes before it. Everything from keeping proper awareness, fortifying your home, managing unknown contacts, and thats just scratching the surface of what this course has to offer. This is an in depth study on violence, how it occures, and how to develop a plan to minimize your odds of being victimized. This course is Highly recommended!

This course is over 4 hours long.


Also included us the Tactical Firepower Defensive Handgun System.

This is three videos in one. You will get Defensive Handgun part 1 and 2, plus the Fundamentals of shooting thrown in at no charge. The Defensive Handgun videos will show some extremely important skills to have if you carry a handgun, and how to link them together.

Topics include:

  • 3 stances
  • Rapid fire shooting techniques
  • Quick sight acquisition
  • Drawing from the holster for speed
  • Point shooting (no sights)
  • Multiple target engagements
  • Reloading and for speed
  • Gun malfunction clearing
  • One handed shooting
  • Shooting from retention
  • Shooting and moving
  • Positions
  • Cover
  • and more


You must have a fast Internet connection (DSL or better), and know how to operate a computer / use the internet. 

New: Our presentation plays on: Desktop PCs and Apple O/S, Ipad, iPhone, Android phone and tablets!

Students must also be of good moral character and not be disqualified under Minnesota law from owning firearms.



  • When we receive your order, we will email you instructions on how to download the course.


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