THIS COURSE COMES FREE WITH THE PERMIT TO CARRY COURSE!!! Call for the password if you have taken the permit to carry course within the last year.

This course is all about what goes into choosing a carry gun. This course was created by Jason Shade who has a diploma in Gunsmithing, and also is a firearms instructor. This course will look at the mechanics of how firearms work, and how people need guns to work for the purpose of self defense. This course is roughly an hour in length.

Topics include:

  • Internal Safetys
  • External Safetys
  • Reliability
  • Finishes
  • Calibers
  • Frames
  • Bore Height
  • Sights
  • DA vs SA
  • Action


You must have a fast Internet connection (DSL or better), and know how to operate a computer / use the internet. 

New: Our presentation plays on: Desktop PCs and Apple O/S, Ipad, iPhone, Android phone and tablets!

Students must also be of good moral character and not be disqualified under Minnesota law from owning firearms.



  • When we receive your order, we will add you to the online student group
  • We will then send you an e-mail with a file containing the instructions on how to access the online class.


Course Name

How to choose a carry gun


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