These are the usage terms for posting on this web site. If you violate these terms, your account will be suspended. I want us all to be politically incorrect – that is after all what freedom is about. But you can do it without be crass and crude (left up to me to determine) and without threats of any kind.

1) No gross, or crude language including women’s anatomic features or that of men. Crude vulgar language will be left for the socialist/Democrat/Liberal/statist/progressive/communist to use. Take the higher road in vocabulary use.

2) No threats of any kind. Physical threats will be reported to the police, FBI or Secret Service as appropriate.

3) Skewering and in general bashing the socialist; Democrat; Liberal; statist; progressive; communist and pointing out how hypocritical they are and how poorly they construct their arguments is ALWAYS welcomed.

4) No firearms or ammunition is to be sold on this site. Any advertisements for the sale of firearms or ammunition will be removed. If you want to link to GunBroker or other such site, that will be fine.

5) No postings of pornography.

6) Do not post any illegal activity period.

7) DO POST: Information about gun shows in the area

8) DO POST Information about politics that affect our 2nd Amendment rights

9) DO POST anything firearm related including hunting, competition shooting, gun collecting etc.