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Minnesota requires you to have a permit in order to purchase a handgun from a gun store?

In Minnesota while carrying a gun, your blood alcohol mus be under what?

Your duty to retreat is?

Minnesota has a magazine capacity law

Minnesota has preemption

With a valid Minnesota permit to carry, list all the places you can legally carry

Where can you not carry at? List all that apply

Most all mass shootings occur in?

Your Minnesota permit to carry will act as a purchase permit allowing you to purchase handguns for the five years it is valid?

Minnesota's gun registration law is the toughest in the nation?

Complete the sentence: In Minnesota, a dangerous weapon is ANY firearm whether it is loaded or unloaded, and…

609.06 authorizes the use of deadly force to defend your property

609.065 authorizes the use of deadly force under these circumstances only:

To be elegible for a firearm carry permit in Minnesota you must: (select all that apply)

As a resident of Minnesota, you enjoy the benefit of being able to apply for your permit to any sheriff in Minnesota

The MCPPA allows for private property owners and tenants to post on their property with a “______ bans guns on these premises” sign, but landlords cannot.

If you are stopped by the police in Minnesota, you must immediately inform them you are a permit holder and tell them that you are armed